Tell Me You Came With A Choppa Lyrics — Finese2Tymes

Tell me you came with the chopper, aim it at the neega collar. Tell me you came with some models. This song was sung by Finese2Tymes and written by Finese2Tymes & Memphis Track

Tell Me You Came With A Choppa Lyrics


Memphis Track Boy, let’s go

[Verse 1]

Tell me you came with the chopper, aim it at the neega collar
Tell me you came with some models, f–k a celebrity’s daughter
Mixing the Act’ with the slushy, baby mama’s favorite buffer
I pull up all of a sudden, American, I got the Russian
You playing Russian Roulette, I’m playing run up a check
Whoever thought I was next, social media a mess
K. Michelle, tryna wife her, shootin’ up with the scope on a rifle
White Louis V. on the buckle, I’m the Louis V. messiah
She like the Louis V. piece, I like the Louis V. sneakers
I got the boy in the ether, she make you sweat like the preacher
She talking sheet like I need her, she f–king me like she need me
Kush and a drink in the evening, color purple like cellie


Ayy, Clay, ayy, Clay
Keep all that in there, keep all that in there, aight?
I’m talkin’ ’bout, “Keep all that sheet, man”
I’m finna come back in, I’ma come a little different this time, though, you
feel me?
Alright, damn, I’m comin’, Clay, ayy, ayy, hey

[Verse 2]

I’m riding in a rental car
The strap in the lap and the kush in the pickle jar
The Draco up under me, and all of these players around me, they under me
That Hustle & Flow money, I got out and came up off the ho money
You know that’s for sure money, I’m still a street neega, cop an O from
I’m smoking jet fuel just make your next move, be your best move
You know I stay P’d up, pull up in fifteen hundred dollar dress shoes, you
know that they watching
You know that they listening, but they ain’t sayin’ sheet
And if them neegas wanna kill me, my neega, then why the f–k is I ain’t
dead yet?
Shoot for gold when it comes to the street, I’m the king when I come to the
I’m the prince when it comes to the city, I’m up next for a multimillion
pushy neega tryna blemish my image, give it to him, back to back, make him
feel it
And when I see you out and trappin’, my neegas, speak to a neega, better not
be in your feelings
I’m what they waiting on, we run the city, the f–k the debating on?
The neegas didn’t f–k with me, I got out and came up, now they face long
I link up with Moneybagg, like I need a hitter, I’m going straight in
You know I’m a big player, I feel like Joe Fraiser at the weigh in
I’m smokin’ only the greatest, I’m a patient serving patients
I think they feel intimidated, I think it’s time for demolition
Been in and out of jail all my life, so I done got a little impatient
These neegas, they talkin’ ’bout, “Wait your turn, f–k you mean? neega
finna take it


neega finna take it, ayy, let me get that
Yeah, finesse, two times
Memphis Track Boy, let’s go

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