Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost Lyrics

Presenting you Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost Lyrics” by Tyler, The Creator. The song are from the album Call Me If You Get Lost.

Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost Lyrics

Sir Baudelaire Lyrics

The sun beamin’
Y’all ready?
Ayo (DJ the father)
It’s T, baby
I don’t think you’re ready
Wolf Haley, Bunnyhop, yo
I must say, I’m glad you found your way here

Yo, cookie crumbs in the Rolls, jet fuel scented vest
Swim trunks in the trunk, Geneva water the best (the best)
The passport lookin’ thick, the afro need a pick
My skin soak up the sun, ain’t shakin’ hands with you bums (nah)
Bunny hopper, the new car doors, they lift open (Woo)
The lake water dry off at the French Open (ayy)
I rub it in these n^^gas’ faces like thick lotion
That big B is in motion, huh (Gangsta Grillz)
Cool peach cobbler, dude, spit like a llama do
Used to be reckless, used to see what them commas do
New le Fleur season, summer time look like private school
Keep it low, don’t want that s^^t to blow like Osama shoe
I’m a true connoisseur, hotel concierge
Know me as that spaced-out n^^ga with the chunky airs
UFC, that s^^t swole up, that’s VVS, keep Vic safe
That’s a mansion on that USB, it’s T, yeah

I hope you n^^gas been spendin’ your time wisely
Call me if you get lost, baby
As you can tell, we have (haha)
This s^^t for the sun seekers (we got them bikes on the tarmacs)
Welcome to the disco (hittin’ wheelies and s^^t)
Call me if you get lost (perfume on the skin, ha)

Call me if you want
See, while y’all was in the house (call me if you want)
We was takin’ Rolls Royces to go see alligators
DJ Drama, man (call me if you want)
Travelin’ the world
Passport stamped up up
It’s Tyler Baudelaire, n^^ga

Corso Lyrics

You see (oh)
On this here stage tonight is something legendary (yo)
He goes by the name of The Creator (crazy)
But you, you call him Tyler Baudelaire (look)

I be talkin’ that fresh, s^^t, I don’t need gum (no)
Cookie crumbs in the rolls, never no weed crumbs (no)
He ain’t talk to his b^^ch in three days (no)
It ain’t gotta be this way, I’m down for the threesome (woo)
I might buy a boat, n^^ga (yeah)
Depends if Capri got space, don’t really need one
I could go in the wintertime, baby, I be some
Find another n^^ga like me ’cause I ain’t seen one (tell ’em, no)
Pull up in that, uh, whatchamacallit? (nyoom)
Played a couple demos at Madison Square Garden
And tell them motherf^ckers at Sony I’m not callin’
I’m plottin’ on a billy chilly in my garden, yo

Alright, I admit it
We just been playin’ with you n^^gas, man
T, I think you need to load that second clip

Bunnyhop, French Waltz, uh
Say she like the voice and I’m like, “which one?
I got two, hun,” look (let’s go)

Catch me in my other, other, other, other crib, that’s my AKA
Hurricane-proof all the views, s^^t like “A Bay Bay!” (b^^g)
A fuzzy hat, ascot, passport got tattoos
Slim n^^ga, big d^^k with a f^ckin’ gap tooth
Where you been? (Money)
Call me Mr. Always On Some S^^t You Never Seen (huh)
In that mansion livin’ single, b^^ch, I’m Maxine
N^^gas of you status shouldn’t talk
Give a f^ck about you dawgs, call me if you get lost, b^^ch

Okay, now you understand what we came here to do, right?
Oh yeah, me, I go by the name of DJ Drama
And on my side, that’s Tyler Baudelaire
AKA Bunnyhop
AKA The Creator
Call me if you get lost, suckers
We didn’t come to play with’ you n^^gas

Look, tried to take somebody b^^ch ’cause I’m a bad person
I don’t regret s^^t because that (woo) worth it
In the end, she picked him, I hope when they f^ckin’
She still thinkin’ of me ’cause I’m that perfect
I’ma get that deep text when it first surface
Better send it to my ego ’cause that s^^t hurtin’
Hope y’all s^^t workin’ (true story), I’m a psycho, hun
Don’t give a f^ck, you left my heart twerkin’
Movin’, losin’ grip on my doin’s
Eyes is cryin’ on the jet, cruise if
‘Bout to sweat millions just to fill voids up
Drama, I need you (yessir), can you turn the noise up?
Can you turn the noise up? Can you turn the noise up? (go, go, go)
Turn the f^ckin’ noise up, Odd n^^ga, my heart broken
Remember I was rich so I bought me some new emotions
And a new boat ’cause I rather cry on the ocean
It’s T, baby, uh

Hahahaha, I tried to tell y’all
I don’t even like using the word “b^^ch”
It just sounded cool

Lemonhead Lyrics

Y’all n^^gas know what’s up
You say, you say pandemic? (Yo)
Oh, you wanna see a pandemic? (Bunnyhop)
S^^t, remove us from the game
This s^^t really get crazy (I don’t lean, I don’t lean)
Gangsta Grillz (yeah)

I don’t lean but my house do
Off the hill with the mean view (yeah)
Nice house, if you look out
You can see some eagles and a few yachts
Got a roommate, he won’t move out
If you want smoke, he the cool opp
And he drill s^^t, got the tool out
It’s the Wolf Gang, Brooklyn Zoo out
N^^ga, Wu-Tang, you get chewed out
When we woo hot, this is Flipmode
And they know your p^^sy like the douche out
Bitc,h I’m cool, cool and his mouth wet
He a punan’, used to stage dive
But they sue now, I was too hot
TLC waterfalls on my chest, help me cool off (ah)
Got too many calls, s^^t’ll go cold (yeah)
They catchin’ dust, one in the stove (yeah)
In love with lemonheads lookin’ like Bart
Keep the Patek, I spent that on AWGE (spent that on AWGE, n^^ga)
How much it cost? S^^t, I don’t know (nah)
But I know that stage a million a show (true story)
Stuck in my ways, they say, “How so?”
First n^^ga put a bike rack on the Rolls, T

A young turnt n^^ga, I be f^ckin’ these hoes
Twenty appearance, I get it, I go (I’m here)
Rich, tell the world, “come see me out low”
I ain’t rockin’ with cause, n^^ga, free my bros (Trez)
I ain’t got no safe and they see me shinin’ (b^^ch, huh)
Still f^ck, I’m grindin’ (lame)
Eighty for a gram, remindin’ (ayy, ayy, ayy, huh)
Two-tone Patek in this b^^ch, godd^^mit (ho)
Ten bad hoes, n^^ga, look at that b^^ch (look at that)
Still sellin’ dope, I be cookin’ that s^^t (mn, for real talk, s^^t)
My hoodie like six bands (Bruh, dog s^^t)
Over a hunnid (yeah, yeah)
I’m from the bottom, b^^ch, we gettin’ money
Might tip a good ho, but then she ain’t gettin’ nothin’
Car go skrrt, hold on (ha, get it up, start it up)
N^^ga, you got lucky (skrrt)
All this paper, I can bet she f^ck
I ain’t doin’ no talkin’, I ain’t doin’ no savin’ (no, no, no)
Took her from a lame, I gave his b^^ch back
Know I ain’t crazy, n^^ga still tote straps
Like, “Get on, b^^ch,” just spit on s^^t
Man, oh my God, “remember Lil'”
Yeah, he got dropped (hold on), I’m gone (we gone)

Call on me (my bro is)
If you get lost (runnin’ his finger around the)
Call on me (I got that s^^t sittin’ on my counter like a fruit bowl)
(That’s like a hundred racks)
If you get lost (I like the color green in every shade)
If you get lost (I like life)
Call (my, like, my life)
If you get lost (don’t f^cking bite, y’all n^^gas love to steal)

Wusyaname Lyrics

In California, you spend most of your life in cars
Movin’, travelin’, searchin’ for somewhere to land
I, I don’t mind tip-toeing across the globe for thrills
And flyin’ to Vienna to see a show at the Kunst Museum
Or, or headin’ south to race dolphins on jet-skis
But this time I ended up in
Lookin’ for this brioche my boy told me about
That’s when I met she

Something real
Hold on, we don’t do that back
Haha, my pick up line and s^^t
I got your b^^ch movin’
Call me when you get lost

Aw, you look malnourished (malnourished)
Let’s get some bread, fry the egg yolk and drown it in syrup (drown it in syrup)
You pick a spot, I pick a tail number and we can be tourists (oh yeah)
Let’s go to Cannes and watch a couple indie movies that you never heard of (baby)
Listen to bands, groove and we dance
Disco in France, smell some perfume, head in the wind (head in the wind)
We can switch off
I can show you how you can really exfoliate skin
If you got a man, you should cut him off
Get your passport ’cause we runnin’ off (run off)
We can sit and talk
You can tell me everything that’s on your chest, baby, get it off
You are my type, you a bright light
I’m like a moth, this is not a game (this is not a game)
But before we start (before I say)

What’s your name, girlfriend, what’s your name? (Check it out)
(Oh, what’s your name?)
What’s your name, girlfriend, what’s your name? (Tell me)
What’s your name, girlfriend, what’s your name? (Check it out)
(Oh, what’s your name?)
What’s your name, girlfriend, what’s your name? (Oh, girl)

Lumberjack Lyrics

Rolls Royce pull up, black boy hop out
Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t (hold up)
“Oh my God, I never seen nothin’ like this” haha
That’s what my mom was sayin’, she
She was cryin’ and s^^t
It was, she was just like, this s^^t is beautiful
It was a beautiful moment
You alway-you always keep the picnic blankets in the back
‘Cause you, you never know (Gangsta Grillz)
You never know where the f^ck you gon’ end up at
(Okay, haha, now we ready) (let’s go)

Rolls Royce pull up, black boy hop out
Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t pull out
MSG sell out, f^ck these n^^gas yap ’bout?
Whips on whips, my ancestors got they backs out (yeah, oh)
Two, four, five hundred stacks for the hood (I dare you, n^^ga)
Call me lumberjack ’cause I wish a n^^ga would (right)
She went like, “Ah, this the wish-a-n^^ga-could face”
They ain’t gettin’ paper like they should, wait
(You n^^gas woulda, coulda, should’ve) (oh s^^t)

N^^gas ain’t really on the type of s^^t he on
I hit Drizzy and told him I had a milli for him (oh s^^t)
I own my companies full, told ’em to keep the loan
I took that gold b^^ch home, n^^gas is big mad (oh s^^t)
I put that b^^ch on the shelf, to let it ventilate
And bought another car ’cause I ain’t how to celebrate (top shelf, n^^ga)
That big boy, that big b^^ch for all weather
It never rain in Cali’, came with an umbrella (ooh)

Rolls Royce pull up, black boy hop out (man, what the f^ck?)
Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t pull out
MSG sell out, f^ck these n^^gas yap ’bout? (Sold out)
Good credit score, this card really can’t max out (wow)
Two, four, five hundred stacks for the hood
Call me lumberjack ’cause I wish a n^^ga would (uh-huh)
N^^ga this the face, man, I wish a n^^ga- (could face)
It’s different, it’s really different (catch up n^^gas)

Ayo, I might sled in Utah, LA too warm
My n^^ga tall, look like a b^^ch, I call her Mulan (hey, oh)
Salad colored emerald on finger, the size of croutons
N^^gas cannot f^ck with the form of true magic, new wand (oh, n^^ga)
That’s my nuance, used to be the weirdo (gahd^^mit)
Used to laugh at me, listen to me with their ears closed (n^^gas is wilidn’)
Used to treat me like that boy from Malcolm in the Middle (I’m f^ckin’ rich)
Now I’m zeros, zeros, zeros, zeros, zeros, zeros (not six)

Rolls Royce pull up (zeros), black boy hop out (not seven)
Man, I can’t take this s^^t no more, man, I quit
I quit, I swear to God, n^^ga (that’s it)
F^ck n^^gas is talking to me about?
Close y’all’s f^ckin’ faces (Quality Wednesday music)
Wish-a-n^^ga-could face
Oh yeah, you asked for it (your storms is cloudy, n^^ga)
F^ckin’ crumbs
Wish-a-n^^ga-would face
F^ck you mean, n^^ga?

Hot Wind Blows Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
We just landed in Geneva
Yeah, that’s in Switzerland
We on a yacht
A young lady just fed me French vanilla ice cream
We all got our toes out, too
Call me when you get lost

I’ma travel the globe, you keep the block hot
Driver, open the door for me, my hand hurt
Find us, we playin’ hide-and-seek with the passports
Where the f^ck we at? Oh, the pilot gotta remind us, yeah
The luggage is pilin’, I needed clothes to wear
So many stinkies sit in my wallet, look like a folding chair
The Cartier so light on my body, thought I floated here
We bolded here, it’s Tunechi and Tyler but call me Baudelaire, yeah
Out in Switzerland, travel with my b^^ch, yeah, we kissin’, dawg
I love when she let me rub her like Michelin
A hundred grand to sleep on a bird, the wings are whistlin’ like
Man, they ain’t listenin’
Cross the line like immigrants and benefit from it
Keep on stuntin’ on these n^^gas
Make ’em sick to they stomach, man (you can’t stop it)
Y’all don’t understand, fish so fresh that you could taste the sand
Yeah, we gettin’ lost but we know who we am (true story)
By the, by the, by the, by the some-some-somethin’
Treat that last part like you n^^gas ain’t sayin’ nothin’

Yeah, haha
You see these excursions right here?
Just too lavish to post on the ‘Gram (Gangsta Grillz)
Uh (Tunechi)

Excuse me, pardon me, the wind, it blow so hard to me
Like mother nature arguing about some baby father beepin’
I’m stuck in the middle of the sandwich like slaughter meat
Got my middle fingers to the cameras, that’s what Carter meet
From y’all to me, brrt, stop callin’ me unless you’re ordering
I’m on the beat, check out my feet out, and I stay on my feet
The corner beat, I’m on a deep route, just throw the ball to me
Thought all this lean would have me senile, I guess they see now
Let’s touch down, catch a beat-down like I catch touchdowns
I f^ck ’round and slow the beat down and take the drums out
The speed of my plum so great, I’ma eat my own flow
And I’m in need of a flaw, may eat me a rapper, I might as well eat me a ho
I’m hot as hell when the weather is freezin’ the cold
As the devil and demon and ghost
I’ma get even and even get even some more
It’s too late to even get low, baow
Wolf Gang, Wolf Gang, that’s what I need you to know
Mula, Weezy the GOAT
The wind beneath my wings, Desert Eagle underneath my coat
Yeah, Mula (B^^ch)

(Are we?)
All aboard, n^^ga
You see
We just over here admirin’ the view of the mountains from the lake
Of course
Y’all know it’s Wolf Haley, man, stop f^ckin’ playin’

Massa Lyrics

Whatever your s^^t is, man, do it
Whatever bring you that immense joy, do that, that’s your luxury
The greatest thing that ever happened to me was
Bein’ d^^n near twenty and leavin’ Los Angeles for the first time
I got out my bubble, my eyes, just wide
My passport is the most valuable

Master couldn’t catch me, my legs long than a b^^ch
Got too much self respect, I wash my hands ‘fore I p^^s
They try to talk, mmm, I’ma just go

Yeah, when I turned twenty-three that’s when puberty finally hit me
My facial hair started growin’, my clothes they ain’t really fit me
That caterpillar went to cocoon, do you get messy?
I was shiftin’, that’s really why Cherry Bomb sounded so shifty
My taste started changin’ from what it was when they met me
But first impression is everything, ain’t wanna let me go
Always curious as a child and askin’ questions, so
I ain’t give no f^cks, if, and, buts if they accept me
Yo, my boy Skateboard P gave me that speech in Italy session, um
Thankfully, but I would do you detour perspective, um
Thoughts change so rapid, turn to butterfly, Flower Boy happened
All the bees buzz, be they buzz, scream, they love me
First time I private airline, accolade, song got airtime
Went to my style, body, and feelings and fixed my hairline
Calmed down in front of cameras, been there since tens of millions
I’m not that little boy I was introduced to at 1-9
Mom was in the shelter when Yonkers dropped, I don’t say it (I don’t say it)
When I got her out, that’s the moment I knew I made it (Yeah)
I don’t come from money, they deny it
Since I don’t mirror the stereotypical products of my environment
Eight figures in taxes, takin’ that s^^t is stupid
A flower gets his petal, they pluck it, but never use it
It’s still potholes in the schools, where does it go?
It’s still loopholes that I use, nobody knows

Master couldn’t catch me, my legs long than a b^^ch
Got too much self respect, I wash my hands ‘fore I p^^s
They try to talk me up but I keep short like Caesar
Eyes open if I pray ’cause I can’t trust God either, uh

See, right there, you got one life to live
How far you really wanna take it?
Don’t let ’em ever tell you nothin’ you can’t do

Yeah, I purchase more wheels when I feel like I’m third-wheelin’
My favorite part of the double R is the bird ceilin’
The panoramic view of the sky and the Sun beamin’
That ray of light show that nobody is front-seatin’
I’m on the hunt for perfect but decent is what I been on
I know she fell in love but commitment is not my end goal
And all my friends that did got too comfy, a little chubby
And that drive to make that money dried up when that nose is runny
We ain’t gotta pay attention to the stuff that he battles
Everyone I ever loved had to be loved in the shadows
Tug-o-war with X and Y, felt like a custody battle
Felt like the boat goin’ down, it felt like I’m missin’ a paddle
Might buy that crib in Seattle, covered in grass, light, and gravel (yeah)
It come with two boats and cattle, I’m livin’ sweet, ain’t you heard?
This perspective from the beak of a bird
Just hope I peek and take my peace
You gon’ see me and run, like thieves in the night
I’m paranoid, I sleep with a gun
The heat on my dungarees because they beefin’ for fun
I’m vegan for now, I’m conscious, know my hands meet when I bow
I’m grateful, you n^^gas hateful, you eat at me, you got a plateful
You can’t relate to these things I say to instrumentals
Whether it’s wealth talk or s^^t that’s painful
I paint full pictures of my perspective on these drum breaks
Just for you to tell me, “It’s not good,” from your lunch break

Holiday season
A vision you have to understand from perspective
Check your resources, n^^ga

Runitup Lyrics

F^ck you n^^gas talkin’ to me about?
See, see as a kid
I felt alienated by the n^^gas who look just like me
N^^gas treat my nuance like it, like it was a nuisance so
So I was like, I was like “f^ck ’em, f^ck ’em”
I did my own s^^t and now I’m up
And now all that paid off
And all them n^^gas, they peaked in high school
I always had confidence, I ain’t never been nervous
I ain’t never had anxiety
I ain’t never second-guessed myself
If I want it, I go get it
I’m always on go mode, I just go
I don’t know what fear is
And you talk about that n^^ga? I’m him
I’m him, I’m that n^^ga

It’s funny, right? (Right)
For some reason, y’all didn’t really think we was gonna be here (whoa)
See for y’all, the sky is the limit
For us, the sky is just what we stand on to reach the beyond
High above the clouds as you see us (Gangsta)
Catch up, n^^gas

B^^ch, I’m runnin’ up a check like I got Rafs on (right)
And I’m runnin’ outta s^^t ’cause I got Rafs on me (right)
B^^ch, I’m runnin’
B^^ch, I’m runnin’
We gon’ run it up (b^^ch, I’m runnin’)
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up (b^^ch, I’m runnin’)
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up

I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I might just spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
Here today but gone tomorrow (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all(we gon’ run it up)
I might just spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
Here today but gone tomorrow (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I might just spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
Here today but gone tomorrow (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)

He off the dope (yah)
We off it, we off the boat, true story (okay)
The heat off, we tee off, like G-olf, we (phew-phew-phew)
We be off the scope, so I
Brand new, Bunnyhop been zoomed in
Ever since I hit two tens
Of the faces with the blue skin
With the green background, don’t know how to act now
But I need you like you’re my bluefin
Fiends moonwalk when I come
Deaf ho speak when I’m here
The dead hit sprints when I hum
Why you actin’ so dumb? B^^ch, you know I got the fuss
I’m live from the 310
You ain’t got bling, it been tired (oh)
No lattes and foes, I sell wires
Gumballs cool me down, I’m on fire
Can’t f^ck with’ ’em
Wrap (run, run, run)
Help us see clear when the lighting was dim, dim
We ain’t nothin’ to you but we somethin’ to them, them
When you in your room, then you starin’ at the ceilin’
Dreamin’, I want you to know it’s no ceilings
I want you to notice that feelin’
I want you to leave and go for it
I want you to reach with no fearin’
Throat clearin’, scream it, let ’em hear
Run that s^^t off, baby

Yeah (we gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up)
Let’s go, baby (we gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up)
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up
Here today but gone tomorrow (we gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I just might spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
I might just spend it all (we gon’ run it up)
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up

I’m runnin’ like a politician
I’m runnin’ like, I’m runnin’ like
I’m runnin’ like the water on the dirty dishes
I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’ like there’s roaches in the kitchen
I’m runnin’ like the
I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’
I’m runnin’ like you’re not tryna catch it with me
I’m runnin’ like, runnin’ like (I’m broke)
I’m runnin’ like, runnin’ like (nah, I told you)
I’m runnin’ like, runnin’ like
I’m runnin’ like, runnin’ like
I’m runnin’ like, runnin’ like

We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it, we gon’ run it
We gon’ run it up, we gon’ run it up
We gon’ run it up

Manifesto Lyrics

Lil white b^^ch gon’ say
“You need to say something about that”
“You need to say some ’bout Black”
B^^ch, s^^k my

That ain’t your religion, you just followin’ your mammy
She followed your granny, she obeyed master
Did y’all even ask her?
Questions, it’s holes in them stories
Is it holes in your blessings? Yeah, I’m bold with the message
I know I ain’t got the answer, but I ain’t gon’ cheerlead with y’all
Just to be a dancer
I’ma groove to my own drums, sunlight in my shadow, baby
Move ’til my soul comes, let them serpents rattle, baby

Crackin’ light, broke porcelain, b^^ch
We ocean deep if you just pour us in a portion of s^^t
Them people try to twist my view, on some contortionist s^^t
I had to reevaluate what was important and s^^t
Finder’s keeper’s when you creep inside, my mind is madness
If I see peace, I’m like a fiend, uh, gotta have it
Lord, cover me I’m goin’ in, walls closin’ in
How I’m supposed to be protected when the laws want us in?
Y’all want us dead, just ’cause our skin is the Black type
Teach me everything and be amazed I don’t act right
What the f^ck?
I’m tappin’ the matrix, I’m back and they hated
I’m Black and make ’em pay me capital statements, you dig?
Word on my back, I’m tryna fashion a statement
I ain’t no b^^tard, we the master of the path that we blazin’, you dig?
On God now

I came a long way from my past, n^^ga, it’s obvious
V12 engine, I’m fishtailing on some sloppy s^^t
Internet ringin’, no lyrics up, like I hide this s^^t
What’s your address? I could probably send you a copy, b^^ch
I was cancelled before cancelled was with Twitter fingers
Protestin’ outside my shows, I gave them the middle finger
I was a teener, tweetin’ Selena crazy s^^t, didn’t want to offend her
Apologize when I seen her, back when I was tryna f^ck Bieber, just in
I say with my chest out, you say with your chest in, n^^ga (say it with your chest, n^^ga)
Black bodies hanging from trees, I cannot make sense of this
Hit some protests and retweeted positive messages
Donated some funds, then I went and copped me a necklace
I’m probably a coon, your standards based on this evidence
Am I doing enough or not doing enough?
I’m tryna run with the baton, but see, my shoe’s in the mud
I feel like, anything I say, dog, I’m screwin’ s^^t up (Sorry)
So I just tell these Black babies, they should do what they want
Freedom, need ’em
My n^^gas, seen ’em
Free ’em
Don’t f^ck with the law, like d^^n, Gina
So calm the f^ck down before we duck rounds
And fire balls that make your family have to duck the f^ck down
We frontline, we got the mazel tov that we can chuck now
‘Cause anytime we movin’ up, it’s like a “what the f^ck?” now
They playin’ games, we strappin’ up, we c^^k and aim
We aim to shoot, we shoot to claim what we need
We done with pain and the grieving
N^^gas is done with the peace
Whether it’s personal or for the whole of n^^gas, indeed
I might not have dreadlocks, I might have these gold teeth
But I’m a n^^ga like you, and you’s a n^^ga like me
So let’s be n^^gas together, and let’s be n^^gas with plans
But put this plastic on first, ’cause s^^t is hittin’ the fan, Scott

S^^t like this make me wanna turn my baseball cap to the side
You know, with the T.I. lean
Y’all fake mad
Catch up, n^^gas
Gettin’ y’all identity, huh? (Gangsta Grillz)
Go get a f^ckin’ hobby, s^^t
Ain’t nobody perfect
Well, at least y’all ain’t

Sweet / I Thought You Wanted To Dance Lyrics

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, listen, listen (call when you get lost, lost)
The driver gon’ drop you off
Aight, it’s warm, the waterfall is crazy (call me when you get lost, lost)
I don’t know, make something up, tell him something
Uh, come on

Still on the boat
Call me if you get lost

You and i, we fell in love
I read the signs, ain’t nobody was
But god gotta know he might have peaked when he made you
The cosmos’ only mistake is what they named you
What that mean?

They should call you sugar, you so sweet
Well, they should call you sugar, girl, you so sweet to me
Boy, they should call you sugar, sugar, oh, you so sweet
‘Cause baby, you’re the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest thing I’ve known

Baby, you’re the sweetest thing

Even if you left me out here stranded
My feelings, will they change a bit? (You know how I feel about you)
Don’t know how I think, baby
Infinite, the love I have for you, a diamond couldn’t put a dent in it
Go to the bridge, then, okay

Darling, you’re the wind under my wings (my heart)
These triple time when I see ya
Something I can’t control
If compared you, the sun withstanding
Got a smile that could light up a planet, yeah, oh, oh
And I just wanted you to know

They said call, they should call you sugar, you’re so sweet
Well, they should call you sugar, girl, you’re so sweet to me
Boy, they should call you sugar, sugar, you’re so sweet
‘Cause baby you’re the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest thing I’ve known (oh, girl)

(You’re the sweetest)

They should call you sugar, you so sweet (sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar)
Well, they should call you sugar, girl (why?), You so sweet to me
Boy, they should call you sugar
You so sweet (so sweet, girl)
‘Cause baby you the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest (i know)

Oh, you look so good (yeah)
And you smell so good (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And you taste so good (yeah)
Oh, you so, so good (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You’re the sweetest (yeah, you are, haha)
Sweet like motherf^ckin’ brown sugar, sweet potatoes (are you ready?)
Or somethin’, ha

The plan was to stick my toe in and
Check the temperature but
Next thing I know
I’m drownin’

This here for the sun seekers (run the track)

What makes you think
I’m not in love?
How could you know
What’s best for us?
Why am I here standing alone?
‘Cause I thought, I thought you wanted to dance, yeah
(Welcome to the disco)

You so good to me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, it felt good to me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You so good to me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You so good to me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

So, what makes you think (what makes you think)
I’m not in love? (I’m not in love?)
And how could you know (how could you know)
What’s best for us? Us, us, us (what’s best for us?)
Why am I here (why am I here)
Standing alone? (Standing alone?)
Because I thought you wanted to dance with me

Honestly, it’s all love all the time, yeah (yeah, yeah)
I ain’t mean to lead you on, because
Hear me, I’ve got some things I will try and
But my energy belongs to you
I want you so bad, but not too fast
It’s not your fault we can’t pretend because
What can go wrong?

So what makes you think
I’m not in love? (Feels so good)
How could you know, know, know
What’s best for us?
Why am I here
Standing alone?
‘Cause I thought, I thought you wanted to dance, yeah
(Run the track)
‘Cause I thought, I thought you wanted to dance
‘Cause I thought, I thought you wanted to dance
(‘Cause I thought you wanted to dance with me) I thought you wanted to dance
(‘Cause I thought you wanted to dance with me) I thought you wanted to dance

I wish that we never met, I wish that we ain’t connect
Like lego, connection good, but mixed signal if you say so, like cardio
We sat up and down, but we didn’t blink, felt like dirty dishes
‘Cause we was in sync, I swear to god if you and him never linked
I tear that a^^ up like somethin’ was stole
I make them glasses roll back to your skull
Call a tail number, where you wanna go?
The f^ck do he got that I don’t got a lot of?
There go my ego again, that’s the problem
The f^ck you expect? I go get what I want
I want you to say you picked me with your voice
I’m twenty-five, love, but I came by a choice
You promised to me but that’s not the point
You got me out here smokin’ joints
You got me out here losin’ point
I’m cancelin’ shoots and I’m catching
I’m hitchhiking, you pull over, so invitin’
This seat got my name on it, but who driving?
He hiatus we spend time and we repeat and we rewinding
Your headlights had hit my eyelid
Love is blind and y’all together? Don’t remind me, so confusin’
What we doing, how y’all doing? Oh, you choosin’ him?
Okay, I gotta cope with losing, f^ck
I ain’t been sleepin’ well, torn eye never tell
Stay busy so I don’t think, ’cause downtime is when it sink in
I stare at old pictures, I thought you wanted to dance (dance)
I thought you wanted to dance, I (dance)

Baby, baby, what’s the chance, though?
I wish that we had better timing
I’ll save a dance just for you
Said, don’t forget about me, ba-ba-ba-da
I’ll save a dance just for you
I’ll wish that we had better timing
I’ll save a dance just for you
So don’t forget about me, ba-ba-ba-da
I’ll save a dance just for you

Momma Talk Lyrics

His daddy fine, I’m fine, what you thought?
S^^t, his daddy fine
Nah his daddy, his momma fine, b^^ch
What you mean? He got his looks from me
You better tell this ho, this my n^^ga though
My ride or die, I’d kill a motherf^cker over this one right here, n^^ga
I’d stand in front of a bullet, on God, over this one
My son used to record me beatin’ biches a^^, facts
I didn’t give a f^ck
I, I bossed up on teachers, principals, mamas, kids
I didn’t give a fu-, am I lying?
Nah, you have no reason to
No, if you f^ck with my kids
I’ll beat up a kids over my kid, okay?
This little boy used to run, he was scared
I said, “Go get your b^^ch-a^^ mama”
I, I would beat your whole family and didn’t give a f^ck
They used to be like “Tyler, Tyler mama crazy, Tyler mama crazy”
Yup, don’t f^ck with my kids
Tyler would be like, “Get ’em, mom”
She be like, “No, don’t do it”
Tyler would be like “Get em, mom, get ’em”
“No, mom, don’t do it”
I’d be like, “Shut yo’ a^^ up”
She cryin’ “No”

Rise! Lyrics

(F^ck you) shut yo’ a^^ up

Dedicated to the haters, the non-believers, and the disgruntled
Oh nah, I don’t want you to leave
I want you to stay right here and watch tyler rise to the top
It feels better that way

Been a minute, please just stay
Please don’t go, please just stay
Please don’t go, please just stay
Please don’t go, please just stay (watch what come next)
Please don’t go, please just stay
Please don’t go, yeah, please just stay
Please don’t go, yeah, please just stay
Please don’t go (you know my style)

When I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now
Tellin’ you right now
I’ll show you something
When I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now
As crazy as that sound
Oh, I’ll show you something (you might as well get comfortable)

I said
N^^gas want they merit (yeah)
Mr. Cash flow, shawty want some credit (ah, yeah)
Ah, n^^ga, you should be embarrassed (yeah)
You ain’t the only n^^ga that be in paris (ah, yeah)
This s^^t dead, no need for paramedics (nah)
You ain’t where you at in your head, s^^t is apparent (oh, yeah)
You ain’t head n^^ga ’round here, you with the sheriff (word)
You ain’t seen s^^t how it is, get ’em some carats
Let me say this s^^t right here so n^^gas hear it
Everything involved in your life is f^ckin’ pathetic (oh)
Tyler got the talent, tyler got the vision
Tyler that n^^ga, so really you can’t compare us
Why you filled with terror whenever you in my presence? (Why?)
Is it ’cause we look just alike and n^^gas said it? (Why?)
I will never lose any sleep, I’m never sweat it
And I’ll always be ahead of you, n^^ga, don’t you forget it

When I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now
Tellin’ you right now
I’ll show you something
If I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now
As crazy as that sound
I’ll show you something (man)

With the rockets in my mind, yeah
I can touch the sky, I don’t see any ceilin’
And if I fall, it’s always to my right
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)

Yo, let me show you punk motherf^ckers what I know
See, I know I’m the guy that took a chance like chicago
So I win, I can do this s^^t with my eyes closed
Can’t tell the difference like michael’s vitiligo, yeah
There he go again
They tried to boycott him but he didn’t dim
He started from the bottom and they would fall off
Like he skipped autumn and spring-summer wins
Look, you tell me I can’t, I tell you I can
You tell me I can’t, I do it again
Reversin’ the job, like blowin’ a fan
No matter which way you look at it
Understand, it’s plugged in
You tell me it’s not mine, I’m pushin’ it up ten
You tell me to do five, I’m pushin’ a buck-ten
I might just cut off the brakes and aim for the sideline
For you nothin’-a^^ n^^gas and screamin’ out “f^ck him, f^ck them”

When I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now (it’s gon’ hurt watching the top)
Tellin’ you right now
I’ll show you something (it’s gonna be a little painful for ya)
When I rise to the top
Tellin’ you right now (you gotta love it)
As crazy as that sound
Oh, I’ll show you something

So, so, so, so (I’m talking about the tippy-tippy-top)
(Your ladder will never allow you to get to these heights)
Please don’t go, please just stay
Please don’t go, please just stay (i can’t f^ck with me)
Please don’t go, please just stay (none of y’all can f^ck with me)
Please don’t go, please just stay (none of y’all n^^gas can f^ck with me)
Please don’t go, yeah, please just stay
Please don’t go, yeah, please just stay (y’all can f^ck with me, baby)
Please don’t go, yeah (I’m right here!)

Blessed Lyrics

N^^gas is blessed
I’ma put a bike track and the zipline at the other, other crib
GolfWang’s doing amazing, might open up another store
The floor is going insane, it smell good, nail polish
Converse, Gucci
Camp Flog Gnaw, one of the best festivals
I’m healthy, my skin glowin’, my friends healthy
I’m f^ckin’ who, what, when, where
Karen and Alex Moss ’bout to drop off some new pieces
I’m out here scorin’ commercials, movie soon
We writin’ shows, man, life is f^ckin’ beautiful
I done fell in love and
The only flaw is my f^ckin’ hair won’t grow
It’s been like two years and this s^^t like two inches
Come get lost with me, man, come, come, come see the world
When you, when you really get out there
Call me, I’ll be there
And I don’t take jets like that, I’m scared to go broke, so
I don’t take none of this s^^t for granted, it’s opulence, baby

Juggernaut Lyrics

Hey, Ms. Parker
Wait, wait, wait, wait
Sound like (oh)
I just cut some fresh lemons, where’s the sugar?
Lemon in my aid, lemon in my ears, call ’em boogers
Rather six feet ‘fore I’m ever seen with you n^^gas (Hold up)

What it is? It’s that n^^ga T, skin look colored in (woo)
Ridin’ in, double-double R, that’s that Cullinan (yeah)
Pullin’ in that four hundred grand, I just ordered this (yeah)
Switzerland, Lake Geneva where I spend my summer in (true story)
Golf Le Fleur, that’s Gianno shoe, what I’m runnin’ in
Earlobe look like headlights on a new van (Gangsta Grillz)
I’m so motherf^ckin’ dead as I need some Timberlands (woo)
I battle any man, Uzi Vert, don’t think they understand (yeah, yeah)

Uh (skrrt, cool), double C on my feet
Double G on my freak (ooh), Louis V by my brick
She wan’ kick it with me, she back eat it then leave (leave, whoa)
She try save ’bout the place but keep eatin’ my meat
We can’t see none of ’em, bro, she keep eatin’ my seeds (woo)
Got a E and a B on the back of the CT
I’m done with the 12, got a V16
Uh, say the money comin’ in, yeah, that’s true
The more money I get, I don’t wan’ s^^ you
Can’t think about the last time that I text you
It’s probably once I kicks out them belt loops
Sign my John Hancock on a b^^ch every time I check you
Just like a brand new Lamb’, I wreck you, uh
So if it’s mine, it’s yours, woo, woo, woo

Ride ’til the dinner tapped in
Out of time and imagine her in the exit
Last year, more than what Google say my net is
I got chatter with the chef in the tinted exit
Uh, uh, uh

It’s the double P, I rock double C
Man, I run them beats like you run in cleats
Man, come to me, you want somethin’ to see
This internally flawed, that’s a double V
What troubles me is you couple me
With these subtle fleas tryna double league
Hornet trapped in the hive
Of a motherf^ckin’ bumblebee
They just got the closest picture of the f^ckin’ sun surface, that was us
Got the LaFerrari, park that b^^ch just for one purpose, catchin’ dust
My Secret Service carry mops, you call ’em street sweepers, back you up
Tat’ you up then add you up, then give you cover like adieu
If this s^^t’s fake, I don’t respect it
It’s clickbait and that’s distaste like a s^^t-shake
What a difference your wrist make when it’s Richard-made
Hungry eyes tend to fixate like a empty stomach for a fish plate
S^^t-faced, get this straight, this is truck wheels that grip tape

Ride ’til it done attacked them
Out of time and imagine her in the exit
Last year, more than what Google say my net is
I got chatter with the chef in the tinted exit
Uh, uh, uh

Wilshire Lyrics

Mhm, f^ck, yeah

Met you on a Saturday, knew it was somethin’ soon as you spoke it
Eye-f^ckin’ across the table, don’t think anybody noticed
You asked me if I was comin’ to city you from
Maybe we should kick it, I was interested, that would be dumb
If I denied long legs, good ears, great taste
Smell good, sense of humor, obvious a good face
And we clicked, we was at each other’s hips
I ain’t even wanna f^ck ’cause your presence was enough
You and I make sense, you stay back at my tele’
We was chattin’ ’til mornin’, the vibrations was heavy
I wasn’t drownin’ or yawnin’, that’s when I told you my feelings
You told me you felt the same but you got homie you dealin’ with
D^^n, I didn’t know, that’s a bit unexpected
But I get it, it’s whatever, least I could do is respect it
We still gon’ kick it and check in like nothing could ever stop it
The problem is he my friend, but if I’m honest, I’m really hopin’ you drop him
It’s morals I really have, it’s lines I could never cross
But you got somethin’ that make all them good intentions get lost
I try to keep it together, never felt this way
We spent ’bout two weeks together, only skipped one day
And they say, “bros over hoes,” I’m like, “mm, nah, hey”
I would rather hold your hand and have a cool handshake
But whatever, we still could be friends, it could still be chance
I’ma play it cool, we got somethin’, we cannot pretend, uh, uh

It’s, it’s like starting a race
And then when you take off, they like, “no, no, it’s not a end,” huh
It was too late and s^^t

FaceTimin’, that ain’t ’bout nothin’, you laughin’, packin’ your luggage
It’s nothin’ incriminatin’ but please delete our discussions
You hit me with that look and replied like, “duh, b^^ch”
Don’t want your man to think that we creepin’ behind his back
Crossed the line, crossed the line, crossed the, nah, we never did that
Though I haven’t seen him in months, s^^t, it’s rare he never hit back
Anyway, convince him to bring you to me so we could kick it
Right in front of his lenses, nothing here is malicious
You sat by me in that movie, we went outside for them doobies
We walkin’ off when we talk, man, that n^^ga not f^ckin’ stupid
He see it, he know it’s somethin’ we frontin’ like, “Ha-ha-ha”
Whenever we “Ha-ha-ha,” we subtly press his buttons
Not on purpose, but, man, I found my purpose
If I f^ck our friendship up for you, I think it’s worth it
But nah, I can’t do that, that n^^ga don’t deserve it
And plus, y’all got depth, I’m just the n^^ga on the surface, for real

I said surface, like, ’cause they got roots
Like, I’m the new n^^ga
But you know, they be f^ckin’, haha
Yuh, yuh

Didn’t see you a couple weeks, think he wants you away from me
Know y’all argue ’bout if you mad, you met him before you met me
I feel guilty but not as much as I should
I tried to have that self-control but not as much as I could
I been down for days, you in my city and I can’t see your face
I can’t eat knowin’ you with him and not at my place
I never been jealous of another man
Especially when I have everything I want at hand
Except you, you

You know, I got every d^^n car, multiple cribs
But it’s like, “No, I wan’t that,” ha

He left for some days, I cleared out my sched’, I cleared out my head
You dropped off at mine, I say that we fled, “No, you pick a place”
Week in Talum, or week in Capri, or die right here
As long as you with me, I’ll be at peace, huh
You was supposed to go back home then see your bestie
I told you I can’t hit that zone, too busy next week
You was like, “Hmm, I’ll stay a week, she’ll get over that”
Seven days with me, your n^^ga like, “Where the f^ck you at?”
Dirtyin’ my bakin pots, tennis at my mama’s spot
Chauffered in a Rolls, the back entrance for them restaurants
Parts playin’, chess games, givin’ wigs pet names
Manicures, night swims, Gerard providin’ methane
Shoppin’ til we droppin’, what you coppin’? See, the price is not a option
It’s investments ’cause your smile is the profit to me
I know around him, you gotta act like you not into me
I know your answer but you gotta keep it honest with me
Said you can’t be fully into me ’cause you with him
Then why the f^ck when we link, it’s like he doesn’t exist?
And y’all know that we friends but we both aware that it’s more
Everything I got, if you say the word, then it’s yours
The only thing I’m missin’ in life, I know you could be it
And everyone around me that care about me could see it
I could f^ck a trillion b^^ches every country I done been in
Men or women, it don’t matter, if I seen ’em, then I had ’em
But with you, it’s a feeling ’cause we twinning and we matchin’
You stayed in the car when I went on date with that actress
Whole time I’m eatin’, I couldn’t wait to get back
In the back of the car with you and talk about who we are
You told me when you with me, it’s like heroin
Told me that your confidence went up since we befriended, and
Told me that you didn’t wanna hurt him while we doin’ this
Told me this a awkward situation and you just wanna be through with it
Told me every time you not with him, it started problems, and
Told me every time you not with me, you always ponder
What type of sweater I’m wearin’, what music have I been finding
Girl, you know that I’m a player whenever, that’s what we bonded over
You said you told him the truth and you never lied
Now he lookin’ at you with them eyes
We never crossed the line but he got every right to be a lil’ p^^sed off
He picked you up, y’all got in argument, he got his s^^t off
My energy like, “Get lost,” your energy just want peace
I couldn’t even tell you his energy ’cause he don’t speak
He ain’t even call you his b^^ch
Until he see me make you smile, that n^^ga threatened as s^^t
I’m in the wrong, though
I picked you up, your energy off
Your lips really dry, something is off
You ask if I gotta, I ask if you gotta
We trip on our words, nobody is lyin’, hakuna matata
We sat in the car and cried for a hour
My shirt look like a showerhead got it, we called it off
I’ll skip the details but that night I seen hell
You was in a room I was payin’ for, I took three Ls
No, I didn’t sleep well, woke up and my knees fell
They buckled to the ground, I cannot walk, s^^t, I need Ville
Next day I’m drivin’ ’round the city with no destination back-up
Water in my eyes kept falling like Niagara
Ville right beside me makin’ sure I didn’t crash or
Do something heinous ’cause I’m emotionally jabbed up
You checked every box, I thought it was it
Felt like I got led on and pushed off a cliff
No, I’m in the wrong, that was a friend
No, f^ck that, the energy we had, never again we’ll find it
You in the wrong, gotta remind you ’bout the times that you stepped
Gotta rewind it, aw, f^ck

We talkin’ ’bout our kinks, real cautious with the links
You don’t do that type of s^^t when you in relationship
And you a hundred with your mate, so don’t go acting like no saint
‘Cause it’s a two-way street, and s^^t, you knew what I was on
And while that n^^ga out and gone, s^^t, you was loungin’ in my home
S^^t, I even let you meet my mama and y’all got along
But s^^t, I take my L, though, it’s not fun
You still got your n^^ga and still had your fun
S^^t, I can’t even look at you and think about bad words
That’s why I called and said we couldn’t end this on bad terms
We straight like a bad perm, we’ll always be good friends
And laugh about it on a sandy beach while our back burns, huh
This my perspective, this how I feel
I ain’t fabricated nothing, I kept it real
I told you I loved you and always will
And if he ever put his hands on you, promise I get him killed, true
True, true, true, yeah

On God, I love that girl
I’m a sh-, I’m a bad person, like, I’m in the wrong, I’m a bad person
I had no ill intentions though
S^^t, everybody got hurt
I got hurt
It’s a s^^t situation
All the morals and power you have is vanished
When a certain energy is near and
And those feelings got so much gravity and it’s out of your control
It made me realize that those don’t know what they doin’ either
We’re all just children
I ain’t mean to f^ck nobody’s s^^t up, man
I thought I was bulletproof
She proved me wrong, man
I felt two hundred percent with her
It’s beautiful
I was able to feel
But it was, it was bad timing
And I’m mad private with this side of my life ’cause people are weirdos, and
I just try to keep anyone I care about in the shadows
Safe from the commentary and spotlight and thoughts
‘Cause it’s just a story for the people outside of it
But I guess you’re just another chapter in the book

Safari Lyrics

Destination, remote
We done been everywhere
Only thing we ain’t traveled
Is time (yeah)

The boy records smell like bleach
I could travel where I want
I’m accustomed, clean and customed
It ain’t custom I don’t come
Flee the bird to the truck
I scroll up, leave water the stewardess
Border control, that’s some stupid s^^t
Stayin’ at home, I hate
Runaway love but I’m no Ludacris
Sippin’ on Menti, take my shoes off
Then we take off, then I snooze off
Until I land, know I’m four grand
And I wake up, wipe the droop off
Got my passport in my weak hand
I’ma peel off, get a sweet tan
Loafers filled with beach sand
Recline ’til it’s time to peace sign
F^ck all the checks and the cars, get a passport
See the world, open your eyes ’til your back hurt
N^^gas get bread and won’t leave, s^^t is backwards
Start with your feet then I caught an ample
Get our your bubble-gum
Blow up horizons, sun
Slither in the Alps or go to the Mesullah
Or two hundred pinnacle scuba and Cuba
Or land in a borough Gerard got the Brio
She bought it in Como, it matches my keycode
Oversee the sea, all the things that you could see
Like them languages I speak, out in Paris for a week
Take my nephews out to Nice, they like “who?” I’m like “we,” ha

Globally recognized
Catch us if you can
Are you keeping up?
Once in a lifetime
This what it sounds like when the moon and the sun collide
Speakin’ matter-of-factly
We’re just lightyears ahead

Every car retarded, the garage look like a looney bin
What coupe he in depends on the fit and the type of mood he in (uh)
I been switchin’ gears since Tracee Ellis Ross was UPN
Clutched then he stroked, got to know her like a droopy grin (uh)
Huh, took that GRAMMY home, couldn’t lose again
The suit was so sharp that it could get Medusa coochie trim (uh)
Hov talkin’ ’bout a hundred million, n^^ga, loot me in
Like, “who that young rich handsome n^^ga with the gooey skin?” (uh)
Mama named him Tyler and his brothers call him T
And the bank, they call him when that wire clear like season three or somethin’ (uh)
Skateboard named him Bunnyhop, it’s Baudelaire Wolfie though
The felines name him Al for how long he eat the, wait a minute (uh)
Pink wolfer scuff quickly, FI cost a buck sixty
I’ll keep it a buck fifty, y’all can’t really f^ck with me (uh)
B^^ch, I got the fuzz and I’ma own it ’til they bury him
Only twenty-nine but I’ve been focused since thirty M (uh)

Call me if you get lost (Gangsta Grillz)
And like that (uh)
We gone

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This is the end of Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost Lyrics”.

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