Uncle Murda 2020 Rap Up Lyrics

Presenting you Uncle Murda 2020 Rap Up Lyrics by Uncle Murda. The song name is Rap Up 2020.

Uncle Murda 2020 Rap Up Lyrics

Definitely did take a long time
2020 been a sad year
Wasn’t gon’ even do this
But I figured y’all needed me after everything that been goin’ on
The homie Great John on the beat, by the way
Don’t Come Outside, Volume 3 out now
Great John on the beat, by the way

I’ma fear Heavenly Father but right now I’m booing you
What did Kobe, Gigi and them other passengers do to you? (What they do?)
My condolences at this time is all I could offer
Kobe got me out here spendin’ more time with my daughter (He do)
Takin’ Kobe from us had the whole world stressed
You coulda took a average player, not one of the best
Somebody like Lamar Odom or Delonte West (Ah)
I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin’, we woulda missed them less (God bless)
I’m convinced God don’t got the answers
First you take the Black Mamba from us, then the Black Panther (Damn)
F^^k 2020, this whole year started off wack
Best part of the year’s here and that’s hearin’ me rap (You want it)
Hearin’ me rap that straight up, 2020’s a dub, n^^ga
Atlanta the only spot that ain’t shut down they clubs, n^^ga (Lord)
Pandemic got n^^gas eatin’ like Action Bronson
They ain’t scared of catchin’ the corona like Magic Johnson (You did)
Is it real? Is it fake? I don’t know, I know s^^t sad
People dyin’ from it off some s^^t that they been had
They said Trump had it but I think he was fakin’ it
They got a vaccine now but I still ain’t takin’ it (God)
We all saw that nurse who passed out from that s^^t
Live on TV, miss me with that funny s^^t
I don’t trust the government, they chasin’ that f^^kin’ bag
Whole coronavirus s^^t feel like a money grab
They tryna get paid, virus is man-made
They actin’ like this s^^t worser than cancer and AIDS (Than cancer)
Kids can’t go0 to school, people can’t go to work
Strip clubs closed, b^^ches ain’t got nowhere to t^^rk (Nah)
Now they lookin’ for sponsors, so I’m tellin’ chicks, “I’m broke”
That was prop money on the ‘Gram, Kodak Black joke (I ain’t got it)
I’m not a big fan of this next line I wrote
I hate the fact I gotta say, “Rest in peace to Pop Smoke” (Damn)
The good die young, it really wasn’t his time
Him bein’ dead and Tekashi still livin’ is a crime
God, you gotta do better, you been f^^kin’ up lately
Bro, all I hear is Pop Smoke when I turn on my radio (Woo)
They play Pop so much it feel like he still here
Got us woo walkin’, wearin’ Dior just to be clear (Facts)
COVID-19 s^^t got Fred The Godson
One of the few emcees you could really get bars from
He represented real rap for real New Yorkers
My condolences to your wife and your two daughters
Kings killin’ kings and it’s bein’ filmed on camera
Hated seein’ n^^gas killing King Von in Atlanta (Wack)
Megan sayin’ Tory shot her, he sayin’ she cappin’
Them people that was in the truck with them told what happened (They told me)
He wanted that wet-a^^ p^^sy, she ain’t give him none
She hurt Tory ego and that’s when he pulled out a gun
Then she tried to leave and that’s when he start clappin’
I made that whole s^^t up but that sound like what really happened (Haha)
If he really did shoot her, that was some lame s^^t
She snitchin’ now but she a girl so it ain’t the same s^^t (Yeah)
We ain’t lookin’ at her like how we look at 6ix9ine
Lookin’ at Tory like he played himself, f^^k was on his mind? (What up?)
That bullet ain’t faze her, her leg ain’t even hurtin’
A week after she got shot, Meg was back twerkin’ (Body-ody-ody-ody)
Been a crazy year, wouldn’t you say?
Found out Jada Pinkett gave Will Smith p^^sy away (She did what?)
Tried to call it an entanglement so it don’t sound like nothin’
No, it’s called cheatin’, Jada, you and August was f^^kin’ (God)
Got Will Smith out here lookin’ like a whole sucker
Wonder how Jaden and Willow feel about they mother (Damn)
F^^k that Red Table, let’s discuss some other s^^t
I wonder if Will asked Jada, did she s^^k his d^^k? (Woah)
Now he questionin’ how you and ‘Pac was out here movin’
He was lookin’ stressed at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion (He was)
Actin’ like he give a f^^k ’bout how Aunt Viv feel
He probably think that she difficult to work with still (Haha, sheesh)
Cardi B filed for divorce
You know how her and Offset do, they back together, of course (Stop playin’)
Dr. Dre wife tried to get two mill’ a month
I know Dre happy that she signed that prenup
Dre my n^^ga, his business all in the street (All in the street)
How much of that man money she tryna keep?
She wasn’t with him in the studio makin’ them beats
B^^ch, you wasn’t with me in the studio makin’ them beats (Woo)
Put your p^^sy lips on live, I’ll give ya a thousand dollars
Boosie was bein’ too thirsty, I’m just bein’ honest (He was)
If doin’ too much was a person
They deleted his account, now his s^^t ain’t workin’ (Damn)
Instagram missin’ you, the Internet f^^k with you
In that interview with Mike Tyson, you looked uncomfortable
For talkin’ ’bout Dwyane Wade’s son, he was pressin’ you
He was askin’ you if you was gay, he was disrespectin’ you
Never seen Boosie Badazz talkin’ so polite (Never)
He ain’t want no smoke with that n^^ga Iron Mike (Uh-uh)
Woulda looked like Nate Robinson if Mike Tyson hit him
Rest in peace to the homie Mo3 who there with him (Damn)
Couple days after Mo3 died, Boosie got shot
Them Dallas n^^gas thought Boosie was tryna spin the block (Skrrt)
That n^^ga Akon was out here trippin’
Tryna explain and justify 6ix9ine snitchin’
I’m locked up, they won’t let me out, we felt that
He tried to remix that old-a^^ record with a rat (You played yourself)
All these rappers gettin’ shot, not one bullet hit Tekashi
They really let that n^^ga out early and kept Bobby (Free Rowdy)

Y’all couldn’t wait for this s^^t to drop
I really entertain y’all with all this s^^t I pop (I do, right?)
Every year ’round the same time, y’all check for me (Ah)
They like how I disrespect n^^gas respectfully (True)
Y’all heard what happened, y’all know what happened
But y’all don’t care (Y’all don’t care)
Y’all still want me to talk about this s^^t every year (Every year)
Crazy, crazy, s^^t crazy (I just don’t wanna stop, crazy)
Crazy, crazy, s^^t crazy

Jeezy shouldn’t have battled Gucci
Knowin’ he was gon’ rap about killin’ his homie Pookie (Woo)
I get it but f^^k all that culture s^^t
Disrespect my dead homie, I’m poppin’ off, battle over with
Try to shoot the n^^ga up, cut the n^^ga, at least f^^kin’ fight
N^^gas talk about smokin’ on Pookie Loc tonight (Facts)
One of the most disrespectful things that I ever seen
Gucci ignorant but remind me of me when I was seventeen (He do)
N^^gas on the streets sayin’, “Jeezy lost it”
That was some sucker s^^t, he movin’ too corporate (Damn)
I ain’t with that cool s^^t, I’m with that ra-ra
JAY-Z wouldn’t battle Nas if Nas killed Ty Ty (He wouldn’t)
Pookie rollin’ over in his grave, you got him hurt
Watchin’ you perform with the n^^ga that put him in the dirt
He prolly got some other issues, leave Jeezy alone
Big Meech brother Southwest T just came home
Let’s talk about some s^^t that got the people upset
Cops that killed Breonna Taylor ain’t get arrested yet
Attorney General Daniel Cameron f^^ked us all up
Them cops that killed Breonna got charged with shootin’ the wall up
I repeat, Daniel Cameron is a sell-out
He in a sunken place, like that movie, can’t Get Out
Defund the police, Obama said he don’t believe in that
In the country where you can’t even jog while bein’ black (I’m disappointed)
Rest in peace to Ahmaud Arbery
An ex-cop killed him thinkin’ he committed a robbery
George Floyd gettin’ murdered was on the Internet
For eight minutes straight that cop had his knee on his neck
The whole world came together and protested
They ain’t convict him yet but at least they did get arrested (Woo)
Unity was real, government start gettin’ scared
We was marchin’ like the coronavirus disappeared
White people was out here screamin’, “Black Lives Matter”
And honestly I think that was makin’ the police madder (They scared)
And all Donald Trump did was talk about Louis
Nothin’ ’bout the knee on the neck and police shootings
He encouraged the police violence
Trump dumbass told us, “Take Lysol for the virus”
Said it was goin’ away, of course he lyin’
Over three hundred thousand Americans done died
Lil Wayne and Lil Pump jumped on Trump d^^k
Now look, now they look stupid for doin’ that dumb s^^t (They do)
And he lost the election, I know he embarrassed
He know he ain’t lose to Joe, he lost to Kamala Harris
Joe Biden knew what he was doin’ when he picked her
He knew we was comin’ out to vote for a Black sister (We did)
Trump had to go but Joe Biden need to get smacked
For tellin’ us if we don’t vote for him, we ain’t Black
I still think you racist and that’s my problem with you
We only voted for you ’cause you got Kamala with you
And I’m not a fan of both of y’all reputations
You and Kamala responsible for mass incarcerations
Y’all the reason they won’t leave us alone
The best news we got all year was Rowdy comin’ home
It was dope seein’ him on Instagram bein’ celebrated
He a real one, he ain’t fold when he got interrogated
Pharrell was on Drink Champs talkin’ some stupid s^^t
Just ’cause you pay taxes don’t make it cool to snitch
I hear about certain s^^t that make my a^^ smile
R. Kelly got beat up in jail, good for that pedophile
I’ma miss Donald Trump, can’t front, he was funny
Obama gave us trap phones, Trump gave us re-up money
He was makin’ y’all laugh too, I’m just remindin’ you
He was out here callin’ the coronavirus the China flu (It comes from China)
I appreciated that he ain’t bite his tongue
If that second stimulus check had came, he mighta won (He mighta)
That unemployment money had y’all feelin’ like Big Meech
You was ballin’ with that extra six hundred dollars a week (Y’all was)
B^^ch, that was better than your regular job
Certain chicks couldn’t pay bills unless head was involved
Your OnlyFans page wasn’t really poppin’ for real
Now you know how a local mixtape rap n^^ga feel
Them SBA loans had n^^gas out here in all kinda s^^t
They was just bums, now they pullin’ up with designer s^^t (Oh, you serious?)
I’ma miss fake beefin’ with Casanova
I was about to get on him for f^^kin’ with Fashion Nova
He prolly like, “This n^^ga Murda always gotta play”
I wish he woulda turned himself in after the holidays
Hope I made him laugh while he fightin’ for his freedom
Know it’s free my n^^ga Casanova ’til they free him (Oh yeah)
(Is it okay if I call her one?) Who said that s^^t?
That was Snoop callin’ Gayle King a funky dog head b^^ch
For goin’ at Kobe with no consideration
On how his family was feelin’ knowin’ the situation
LeBron got his fourth ring, you gotta respect his s^^t
He was tired of hearin’ y’all talkin’ all that Kawhi Leonard s^^t
He gon’ repeat this year, the Lakers look like a bigger threat
L.A. needed that, they ain’t even get over Nipsey yet
That corona had n^^gas ballin’ in a bubble
For James Harden, Houston already got rid of Russell
Y’all be disrespctin’ Westbrook, that s^^t gotta stop
I ain’t gon’ lie, though, that n^^ga really don’t got no jumpshot (Haha)
Lou Williams left the bubble to go to Magic City for chicken wings
He ain’t go there for no a^^ and titties
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George blew a three-one lead
And Giannis ain’t deserve to be the MVP of the league
He get in the playoffs and he look JaVale McGee
I know that’s disrespectful but I mean that respectfully
Brooklyn is litty with KD and Kyrie
Madison Square Garden disrespectin’ Spike Lee (‘Cause no one told me)
Deontay Wilder lost his first fight
He got beat up by Tyson, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Mike
Oh, the Tyson that he got beat up by was white (Was white, to this day)
Can’t believe he got beat up that night
Adrien Broner was on the “Catch Me Outside” girl page
In her DM, oh, he ain’t know she was underage (What?)
Floyd Mayweather struggled saying “epidemic”
Everyday Struggle got canceled, they fired Akademiks
We saw Wack 100 knockin’ out a racist cracker
They tried to jump him like they ain’t know Black Lives Matter (Haha)
Supposedly Kanye worth around three bill’
But that ain’t stoppin’ him from tweetin’ about how he feel
He been tryna leave Kim since he met up with Meek Mill
He think Drake f^^ked her too and him and JAY don’t speak still
Y’all couldn’t wait for this time to come
Y’all already know that that n^^ga Murda don’t bite his tongue (I don’t)
You forgot about Nick Gordon, no, I didn’t
So what? He dead, we ain’t care about him when he was livin’
Always blamed him for Bobbi Kristina dyin’
So to act like I care that he dead, I’d be lyin’
My newborn was born on Valentine’s Day
That’s the best gift a n^^ga coulda got, what more could I say?
Nicki had a baby, congratulations
Her husband and Meek almost got in an altercation
They shoulda just got it on, like, nobody get the blicky
It woulda been funny watchin’ them fightin’ over Nicki
Cardi B and Megan had conservatives tryna ban ’em
For that wet-a^^ p^^sy record, then it became an anthem

Y’all couldn’t wait for this s^^t to drop
I really entertain y’all with all this s^^t I pop (I do)
Every year ’round the same time, y’all check for me (Uh-huh)
They like how I disrespect n^^gas respectfully (Haha)
Y’all heard what happened, y’all know what happened
But y’all don’t care (Yeah)
Y’all still want me to talk about this s^^t every year (Okay)
Crazy, crazy, s^^t crazy (S^^t crazy)
Crazy, crazy, s^^t crazy (Woah, woah, woah, woah, s^^t crazy)
It’s Great John beats, baby
Great John on the beat, by the way

I don’t care if it still stink, I’ma leave her alone
Even though she out here wishin’ R. Kelly was home (Damn)
Nick Cannon got fired for talkin’ ’bout white people, he was Wild N Out
He forgot he work for white people
Scottie Pippen ex-wife still doin’ ho s^^t
Jeremih almost died f^^kin’ around with that COVID
Ashanti got it too, they put the battle on hold
With O.T. Genasis arch-nemesis Keyshia Cole
Ashanti gon’ win that battle, my girl love her
Irv Gotti was corny for tellin’ Wendy he f^^ked her (He was)
Michael B. Jordan f^^kin’ Lori Harvey
I was on MSNBC with Ari (Woah)
Talkin’ ’bout Trump gettin’ impeached
We was politickin’, look how far the Rap Up done reached
The first debate with Trump and Joe Biden was comedy
That’s when I realized we gon’ be f^^ked either way, honestly
Oprah and Gayle King still don’t realize why we upset
We realize they ain’t talk about Harvey Weinstein yet
F^^k whoever not with us, n^^ga, that’s how I play
Rest in peace to that n^^ga Deebo from Friday
I hate 2020, this whole year had a n^^ga tight
Can’t believe I’m sayin’ rest in peace to my n^^ga Light
Dave East, where you at, homie? I hope you listenin’
Told my n^^ga Light to tell Shooter you f^^kin’ missin’ him
Condolences to your fam’ and your n^^gas in Queensbridge
We was gon’ shoot a video for the record we did
Can’t believe I’m tellin’ my n^^ga Hank, “Rest in peace”
Believe me when I tell you that this year was stressin’ me (It was)
This year I really wasn’t even gon’ do this s^^t
Wasn’t in the mood to laugh and joke about no stupid s^^t (Wasn’t)
Then n^^gas just kept doin’ stupid s^^t
Then I saw that Snoop Dogg post, like, I gotta do this s^^t (Okay)
Flex lost weight but he ain’t do it the hard way
That n^^ga cheated, he went and got lipo’ like Kanye
So many rappers got shot, I could be here forever
Joey Dollas got hit up, I hope he get better (Damn)
The Verzuz battles durin’ quarantine was savin’ us
Real talk, I wrote this s^^t while I was Jada drunk (I did)
Salute to Timbaland and Swizz Beatz
But a few battles y’all put together put us to sleep
Lil Baby got money so it’s cool if he like to trick
It wasn’t sixteen bands, though, b^^ch, it was only six
For kids in Philly, Meek do plenty of s^^t
How you gon’ give them kids from Atlanta a $20 to split?
How nobody ain’t whip Akademik a^^ yet?
On Clubhouse, Meek told him he got his address (Ha)
Zimmermann still livin’, we should all be ashamed
50 got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
JAY-Z distributin’ marijuana
This n^^ga A$AP Rocky f^^kin’ on Rihanna (Woah)
Everybody masked up, s^^t is the new normal
The feds is on Clubhouse, don’t say I didn’t warn you
Y’all wanted twenty minutes, I was gon’ really try it
But I was in that motherf^^kin’ booth gettin’ tired
Like LeBron said, I want my damn respect
R.I.P. to the homie Alex Trebek
S^^t crazy, n^^ga, this year was hard as hell
Icons died, rest in peace to Andre Harrell
Without him it wouldn’t have been no Diddy (Wouldn’t have)
So that mean it probably wouldn’t have been no Biggie (Facts)
You see how important he was? So that s^^t hit me
I almost forgot to mention, you my n^^ga, forgive me
F^^k 2020, I’m done, it’s a wrap here
I ain’t doin’ this s^^t no more, this is my last year

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