Today You Tell Me Something Y Manana Otra Cosa Lyrics

Today You Tell Me Something Y Manana Otra Cosa. Ain’t got nobody, baby…baby. I remember the day que tú me decías. This song was sung by Mellow Man Ace and written by Tony G & Mellow Man Ace.

Today You Tell Me Something Y Manana Otra Cosa Lyrics


Ain’t got nobody, baby…baby

[Verse 1]

Check this out baby, tenemos tremendo lío
Last night you didn’t go a la casa de tu tío
Resulta ser, hey, you were at a party
Higher than the sky, emborrachada de Bacardí
(No, I wasn’t)
I bet you didn’t know que conocí al cantinero
He told me you were drinking and wasting my dinero
Talking about come and enjoy what a woman gives an hombre
(But first of all, see, I have to know your nombre)
Now I really wanna ask ya, que si es verdad
(Would I lie?)
And please, por favor, tell me la verdad
Because I really need to know, yeah necesito entender
If you’re gonna be a player, or be my mujer
‘Cause right now you’re just a liar, a straight mentirosa
(Who, me?)
Today ya tell me something, y mañana es otra cosa


Ain’t got nobody, baby…baby

[Verse 2]

I remember the day que tú me decías
Time and time again que tú me querías
(I do!)
And at the time, hey, yo te creía
Porque no sabía that you were a relambía
Yo y Fulanito y Menganito, Joseito y Fernandito
Larry and Joey y then his brother Chico
Mucho que frentera, that’s a straight skeezer
Si quieres un pedacito, go her way ‘cause she’s a pleaser
But I tell ya straight up porque, brother, me di de cuenta
That on Main Street her cuerpo estaba a la venta
Now get some man que quiera get some cualquiera
Hey, yo, she don’t care man, she’s a tremenda fiera
Yeah you’re hot to trot and out to get what I got
Pero ya que te conozco, what I gots? I guess not
‘Cause you’re just a mentirosa con tu lengua venenosa
Today you tell me something, y mañana es otra cosa


Girl, I can’t believe it
You know, my mother’s talking about me
M- my friends are talking about me…not me, about you!
(About me?)
You’re nothing but a skeezer
(A skeezer? Don’t be calling me no skeezer!)
Tú tienes mucha frentera, mami. Sí, uh-huh, la verdad
(Uh-huh, eso es lo que tu te crees)
I bet you go to church and you’re scared to confess
(No, I do confess baby, I do confess)
Uh-huh, do you tell the truth, though?
(Yeah I do)
Yeah, right
(Do you?)
Yeah! You’re nothing but a skeezer. You know what?
I got some other stories to say about you
It goes like this

[Verse 3]

Un día estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone
Recogiste y dijiste
(Call me back. I’m not alone!)
El quería tu dirección, yeah just your address
Y antes que colgaste I heard you say
(I’ll wear a dress)
“¡Ay, alabao, que descarada!” is what ran through my mind
So I say, “Let’s go out tonight.” She said
(We go out all time)
¡Alabao, man!
Ella no sabía that, yo, I knew her plan
De que iba a salir with that other man
So I told the girl in Spanish, I said “Hey, ya me voy.”
(Pero ¿por qué?)
‘Cause you ain’t treating me like I’m some sucker toy
‘Cause who needs you anyways
(I need you!)
Con tu lengua venenosa?
(No te vayas, Mellow! No te vayas! Yo te necesito!)
Today you tell me something, y mañana es otra cosa
(Tsk! But?!)


Ain’t got nobody…

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