Raybekah Heartbreak Lyrics

Presenting you Raybekah Heartbreak Lyrics by Raybekah. The song name is My ExBoyfriend.

Raybekah Heartbreak Lyrics

You don break my heart
You tell me say you no go leave me go
You don thief my mind
You promise say you no go leave me go
Early in the morning when I wake up dey be with you am horny
Anytime wey I no see you baby I’ll be calling
Eh I’ll be a fool to go back to my ex-boyfriend
[eh I’ll be a fool to go back to my ex-boyfriend]
See I be good girl bad girl anytime that you need me ill be right here
Baby would you call on me yeah
Baby would you call my phone
[call my phone] baby won’t you call my phone yeah
Call my phone

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