I Wish My Bro Was Here To See Me Grind Lyrics

Presenting you I Wish My Bro Was Here To See Me Grind Lyrics by Lil Tjay. The song name is Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #108

I Wish My Bro Was Here To See Me Grind Lyrics

I wish my bro was here to see me grind
I wish I had a chance to talk to him just one more time
Fake n takin’ over, real n hard to find
So I keep a nine, we both got it like he dropped a dime
It’s rules to these streets n must respect
n talkin’, they be lyin’ to you, flexin’, I’m f ‘ vexed
I touched down in a new jet
I got some diamonds on my body, reason why these n upset
I got some money I ain’t touch yet
I got some b^^ches with a nice lil body I ain’t f yet
I got some b^^ches in my crib
And that’s my bad, I was slackin’, they should find out where I live
‘Cause I’m somebody, n nobody
These n , they be talkin’ ’bout me, they don’t know ’bout me
I keep the pole on me, I can’t slip, run up on him, he gon’ dip
I got the four fifth, we gon’ spin right up in that whip
We go spinnin’ through the third, we gon’ spin up on your side
Everybody, Smelly drive, call my brothers, they gon’ ride
We gon’ run up in your crib, open up and get inside
n talkin’ crazy, right up in the kitchen they gon’ hide
Ain’t nobody gon’ survive when I pull up with the nine
I ain’t playin’ games, bullets comin’ right for your spine
Bullets right for your eye, I’m just hopin’ that you die
I just want to see you dead, we don’t need the opps to lie
See his momma cry, homicide, bottom line, spittin’ off the top
Used to serve up on the block, I’m servin’ knocks
I remember in the kitchen, we was tryin’ to whip the pan
n talkin’ ’bout me, they don’t even know ’bout who I am
Now n upset, I gotta went and get this bag, I ain’t up yet
I was early mornin’ on my grind tryin’ to get these dollars
These n talkin’, I ain’t never been a f ‘ scholar
And I been in school, go to math, go to class, gotta get these bags
n they be talkin’, you was broke, then we gon’ cut your as
Cuttin’ class, I was in the hallways and the staircase
These n , they be talkin’, I’ma show you I ain’t fairway
I’ma shoot you in your face, s I’m gon’ shoot you in your eye
I’ma shoot you in your tooth, I’ma shoot in your neck
n talkin’, I might have to go and shoot you in your vest
If you run up on me now then I’ma shoot you up in Flex
I ain’t playin’ games, I ain’t sayin’ names, I ain’t tuckin’ chains
[?] totin’ big things
I ain’t playin’ games, when we ride n gon’ hide
I said n gon’ hide, hot nine
And now spittin’ right off the top
Remember when I was spittin’ right up on the block
I said I had to light some candle for my n Smelly
You run up on me, got some shots right for your belly

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