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Presenting you Cortex Lyrics” by Ryzair. The song name is Cortex.

Cortex Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Yachty & Bobby Shmurda]
Running through these checks ’til I pass out

Brrrr, who this?
It’s Big CEO, is you stupid? (Huh?)
I just pulled up with a new b^^ch (F^^ked her)
Sent her to the K-9 unit (Huh?)
That pussy like flower got tulips
My Glock a new clip as long as a pool stick (Huh?)
And HSHTVG the gang, don’t be foolish
We pull up to the scene, leave his name on a news clip
I pop in his dream like the name Freddy Krueger
So how long did he sleep? No my tech got a ruler
Preye and Cig keep the tech like computer
Yo’ b^^ch camе to my crib, got the neck then I Ubеr (Huh?)
You can’t step in my shoes, so don’t message the shooter
Big Clip and your Glock got neutered
Watch his mommy go cop her a new shirt
I been all in my bag, like a booster
F^^k a M.I.L.F., I’ma grab me a boomer
You can’t sit, so go grab you a booster
Pro do not miss, he an accurate shooter (Huh?)
And hollows got blue tips
Hit ’em kamehameha, like it’s Dragon Ball Super (Huh?)
The gang been on new sh^t
If you testing HSHTVG then yo’ a^s gone get tutored
Fast mag, then I blast like Hadouken
I see you mad, mad, you be watching my movements
What you doing?
Roll you up in a gas pack, have yo’ a^s looking clueless
Hit a treesh
I record it on Snapchat, then I put it on Blu-ray
She a gnat, gnat, she give top like a toupee
Now I’m all in her mouth like some toothpaste
Then I sent that b^^ch out to get Kool-Aid
She said, “Oh yeah, I’ma do what you say”
HSHTVG CEO, we the new wave
Nail him in a coffin, MF DOOM way

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