Cause I Beat That Boy With A Bat Lyrics

Presenting you Cause I Beat That Boy With A Bat Lyrics by Ayesha Erotica. The song name is Nasty.

Cause I Beat That Boy With A Bat Lyrics

I wanna bump right now
I’m ayesha and bi^^h, I get down
I’m so fly and coked the f^^k up
I’m so nasty, getting poked up

I’m that freaky dirty loca
Nips all pokin’ through the low-cut
Fly through, zoomin’ in the low-cuts
Keep my fendi wallet robust-bust
Pu^^y puffed up like a bee sting
Yes, I go to church in my g-string
Father, can you bless this crackpipe?
Never really learned how to act right
And you can hold the beef
’cause bi^^h, I’m too busy tryna roll the kief
And bi^^h, you’re too busy tryna roll with me
Just sit back, relax, go stroll the beach, uh

I got a thin waist, model legs, looking Pu^^y in the face
Downtown, need a date? Your girlfriend can participate
Ooh, yeah, do that there, boy, grab these tit’s and pull that hair
Get hard on the spot when I do that stare
So I do that stare

Uh, I mix it up
Catch me in the clubs, I be mixing up
Short skirt, no pa^^ies when I kick s^^t up
If he got a shirt on, I’ll rip it up
I’ll f^^k the bed up, break the frame
Boys do anything just because of my name
If he all up in my money, I ain’t having that
’cause I beat that boy with a bat, smack

D^^n, sorry I blew you off
I was doing lunch with microsoft
I’m s^^king off a ceo
If he’s not a millionaire, then I’ve gots to go
I’ve got the blow, come snort it, becky
My Pu^^y tastes like mom’s spaghetti
I do it for the girls, I do it for the ladies
Now come and f^^k me, baby

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