Bridesmaid Tiktok Song Lyrics

Presenting you Bridesmaid Tiktok Song Lyrics by Kylie Morgan. The song name is Bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Tiktok Song Lyrics

She Got Me Through Highschool
Shed Probably Post My Bail
She’s The One Who Get Me Drunk And Be Next To Me In Jail
She’s My Voice Of Reason
She’s My Biggest Fan
She’s Who Told Me Leave The Boy And Find Yourself A Man
If Girls Run The World
You’re Why Mine Keep Spinning
So I Gotta Ask You Will You Be My Bridesmaid My Ride Or Die
My Champagne Tipsy Kinda Tribe
Wild One Right By My Side Rocking Black While I’m Wearing White
Sisters I Get To Choose Might Have Found The One But I Need You To
The Songs Always About The Groom But I Just Can’t Say I Do Without My Bridesmaid

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