You Signed Up For This Lyrics

Presenting you You Signed Up For This Lyrics by Maisie Peters. The song name is You Signed Up For This.

You Signed Up For This Lyrics

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…we got, babe
Shuttle to Gatwick
Noodles for breakfast
Terrible tickets
I hate your tracksuit
Sister, I missed this
Flying, I’m flying, I’m flying with you on my shoulder

If you want to take her out, you’re gonna have to ask me first
Come on, have you seen those eyes?
It’s nothing but the best for her

Give you an earphone
Sleep on the last bus
What happened in Harlem?
Don’t even ask us
Sushi and a fake ID
You’re Katie from Michigan
Wing woman
“He’s fit, go for it”
But we wouldn’t ever leavе a sister behind

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