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Yeah Yeah Baby Put It In A Bun Lyrics – Tiktok

Presenting you Yeah Yeah Baby Put It In A Bun Lyrics by Mike Sherm. The song name is Baby.

Yeah Yeah Baby Put It In A Bun Lyrics

Yeah, baby
Let me put it in your mouth, give me head, baby
F^^k a X, you a whole damn check, baby
You the one, other hoes ain’t a threat, baby
A^^ hella fat, let me hit it from the back, baby
Feelin’ like I’m Santa, come and put it on my lap, baby
Seen you on the ‘Gram so I had to double tap, baby
Made her tap out, now I gotta double back, baby
Why these n^^gas tryna snatch baby?
We gon’ last, I ain’t trippin’ on my last baby
When I smash, I ain’t finna use a mask, baby
Give us nine months, we gon’ have these hoes mad, baby
You the truth, baby
Me and you, why you think I bought a coupe, baby?
Meet me in the back seat, what it do, baby?
Who is you? They don’t even got a clue, baby
Bad b^^ch, sorry if you think that I’m rude, baby
You ain’t in the mood, I be knowin’ what to do, baby
Finna skinny dip, leave you wet like a pool, baby
Finna make a kid, then we finna make a new baby
Only right, gotta f^^k when we fight, baby
F^^k a price, baby, ’cause this s^^t somethin’ light, baby
P^^sy tight, yeah, I need it every night, baby
F^^k a eight, f^^k a nine, you a dime, baby
My b^^ch classy, not ratchet
She throw it back, I’ma catch it
New nails, new hair with the new lashes
A^^ fat like a steak, but it’s not plastic
She got a small waist, I ain’t got a fat b^^ch
Pretty-a^^ face, I ain’t gotta catfish
N^^gas wanna f^^k, I ain’t on no mad s^^t
I know it’s gon’ happen ’cause I got a bad b^^ch
Yeah, yeah, baby
Put it in a bun when you give me head, baby
Give you back shots, pullin’ on your hair, baby
All I hear is “Daddy” when I make you yell, baby
I could keep a secret, I don’t kiss and tell, baby
I like how you do it ’cause you do it well, baby
When I beat it up, I’m goin’ for the kill, baby
Goin’ all night like I’m off a pill, baby

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